April 26, 2009

A Colorado Photomontage

When Danny's family was here, we did lots of things...depending on the weather! They were lucky because they were able to experience a typical Colorado spring: one day snow, one day rain, one day sunshine, one day cold, one day cool, one day warm. You get the idea. Here is a photomontage, taken by Eileen, of our adventures.
This one of Tony was taken at Pearl Street Mall in the alley of a restaurant, the Rio Grande. Tony has taken up photography. To look the part, he has been collecting the appropriate attire to go with it. The trench is from ARC. The hat is from Estes. And, the camera is a 1978 Cannon, courtesy of his Papa. Eileen ps'ed the photo to give it a "Dick-Tracey-era-cartoon-look".

This one of Marisa is so typical of her mood lately: pensive. We were at the Stanley Hotel awaiting our ghost tour. She was checking her text messages. Give this girl a deck of cards and poker chips. Who can tell what she is really thinking?

This is the front of the Stanley Hotel. It had been snowing, but the sunshine melted enough snow away and we went to Estes Park for the day. We saw lots of history this day, both inanimate and spiritual! I'm too afraid to post pictures of our ghost tour. You will just have to log onto facebook and check out Eileen's posts for those.

This is a wonderful shot of the landscape from the Stanley's front steps. Breathtaking!

Before we got to go to Estes Park, we were homebound due to snow in Broomfield. The snow this time was wet and very heavy. This is our backyard. Makes me feel cold just looking at it.

Another view of the backyard. This was a very cold and wet day. However, we managed to get to JoAnn's Fabrics for yarn on this day!

Two days later, Marisa is out on the golf course. Putting and chipping. Chipping and putting. All afternoon long!

The golf coach invited Eileen and Omar to putt and chip. They preferred to spectate. Thanks, Eileen, for the photos!

This is the pond by our house. With all the rain and snow, the pond was flooding the pathways. Still beautiful!

Another view of the pond on the greenbelt. I will miss this when we moved back to Texas...

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