April 11, 2009

Approaching Events

Soon, very soon, Tony will be Confirmed. He has a suit, tie, and shiny black shoes. Right now, he and Danny went to get the hair "shaped". Tony printed a picture of Patrick Swayze from Point Break. I don't care, it's only hair. I think Tony will actually look good.

We're doing lots and lots of cleaning for our guests. Danny parents are coming and so are Eileen and Omar. We can't hardly wait. Omar is the only one who hasn't been to visit us yet. Anyway, we "live" in our house. It's not a museum and we are not one to try to keep it pristene for show. As a result, well, you've seen posts past of my kids rooms! Surprisingly, we are 70% done with our cleaning spree and we have 4 days left!

Not only do we have Confirmation on our plate, Tony has a track meet and Marisa has a golf tourney next week when everyone is here. I'm doing some independent contract social work services, too! Glutten for punishment?

Danny and I just got back from Supper Solutions and the grocery store. Need to go to the licquor store and we are set! Happy Easter, everyone!

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