March 26, 2009

Snow Puppies

It's finally snowing in Colorado. Amazing how this happens in the mountains. This is KC venturing out for the first time in the snow. She is not quite sure what to do...just give her time. Well, she figured it out! Pee in the YARD, young pup, not the house.
Oopsies! I forgot to put the hamster cage away. Oh, well, no harm. Hamster is gone...
Garage with a view. This is the actual visibility from the front of the house. I couldn't get to see my patients today because I'm driving Danny's convertible while he has the Aztec. Thank goodness he has the all-wheel drive. He has to get home through Raton Pass on Saturday.
I feel so bad for Lucy. Her fur is so thick. The snow clumps on like ice.
Okay, KC's paws are nearly frozen. Sad part...she hasn't pooped yet. I guess I better get some paper towels ready to clean up what she deposits in the house. Gross, I know.

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