March 14, 2009

As The World Turns

I had a tough time coming up with a title for today's post. I was considering: "where did the time go", "hand me the bottle of xanax", "please don't grow", or "stay gold Ponyboy". I have two sets of pictures here to demonstrate why I had this name game challenge.

First, consider the 3-month-old puppy, KC. She now has to wear a full size leather collar. She is close to 30 pounds and eats alot of food daily. She has started puppy kindergarten and so far she is doing good. Socialization has been successful and she is sweet and playful with other canines and humans alike.

Another angle. See the fat belly, long legs, growing snout? Yea, she will be a big girl. I think her tail is almost as long as her legs. She's only 3-months-old.

Now for my baby girl, Marisa. She had a very challenging day. It started off this morning with her first high school golf invitational.

Then....she got to drive my car for the first time! Yea, she backed out of the driveway and down the street. Before we made it to the intersection, I had had enough. She did good and listened to directions, it was just me. I had had enough. We went to Sally's Beauty Supplies so she could get Midnight Blue haircolor.

She dyed the underside of her hair, but with her hair being so dark, the midnight blue didn't show up very well. Purple....that's the color she wants to try "next time". Catch the conundrum?


  1. purple is in here so she would fit right in if she came over here.

    Last year we taught our eldest to drive and I hated it. He listened mostly to what I said but he would go from zero to 60 in two seconds flat. and then slow down just as fast. Not good for the old nerves.

  2. Mine is colored red underneath. I think it runs in the family!

  3. Marisa is definitely your mini-me, Eileen!