December 10, 2010

Midnight Blue

This kiddo is sending me to the nut house! He decided to color his hair....AGAIN! And, like always with 'Twinkle Toes', there's a back story!

T: Mom, Can I color my hair?
Mom {that's me}: What color?
T: Black.
Mom: Why black?
T: I don't know, because.
Mom: Tony, can you wait until the summer?
T: Why?! I wanna do it now!
Mom: Why black?
Mom: How are you gonna pay for it?
T: I don't know, can I?
Mom: Let me think about it.

Next day....
T: Mom! Can I color my hair?
Me: How are you going to pay for it?
T: Me and Tom going to help Jarrod clean his mom's house and she's going to get us hair color?
Me: Seriously? You don't even clean our house for cash!
T: Mom?
Me: {Thinking that Jarrod's mom wouldn't really to this...} Whatever, Tony.

Later that same day, Tony comes home with a box of 'Midnight Blue' hair color. He's so proud as he shows me the box. I'm gonna have to call Jarrod's mom!

T: Mom! Look what I got!
Me: Really? You're not serious! {KNOWING THAT I LOST THIS ONE...} Okay, can you wait until after work tomorrow and I'll help you do it?
T: YEAH!!! {He immediately gets on the phone.}


I come home and log into facebook to see this photography! I call Tony and before I could ask if he was ready to color his hair, he told me he colored it himself.

T: It was real easy, Mom! I didn't make a mess.
Me: Great! {I lost!}

Today... I just couldn't stand that 'Midnight Blue' rat's nest any longer! Tony agreed to a hair trim to get rid of the dried ends. Okay, so we both got what we want after all! He has blue/black hair. I got it groomed.


  1. lol. Our Sam has been really big on hair colouring. I don't mind what they do with their hair most of the time since I had no choice as a teenager. I had to have it the way my mother wanted it.

    I will have to post photos of Sam with his blue hair. He had pink at some stage too but I don't think we have a photo of it.

  2. I was catching up on reading your blog and saw this post. I'm really impressed by your calmness. My mom probably would have shaved my head if I had done that at his age. But in my college years I had blue & pink hair and even shaved part of my head. It's just hair and an easy way to express yourself. It's the boy inside that matters and from what I see, you've done a good job! Hey - he talked to you before he did it! I'm so impressed with how you, Angie! You've become your mother!

  3. Thank you, Anne! The entire exchange was a conscience effort on my part not to 'freak out'!