December 30, 2010

The Latest

It started like any other Christmas.

Jase decorated Dad's house this year.
These two miniature trees were really cute.

Then...THIS happened! The upstairs hot water heater busted.
This thing was 17 years old and sitting on bricks. Egads!

At 3:00am Sunday morning, the ceiling in the billards room collapsed. When the emergency cleanup crew arrived, they accidently tore the sheet rock, so the adjustor is allowing for the entire room to be repainted.

This is the den where Dad sits on the sofa and watches TV. Water was pouring out the light fixture. Stupid we would even turn on the lights, but even though they still work, the adjustor is allowing for new light/fan installs.

Dad's room is the lowest point of the house, so his room had the most damage, primarily to the flooring and furniture. This room also presented us with another problem. It was unsafe for Dad.

Monday morning was so chaotic and busy! We had plummers, a clean up crew, insurance adjustors, (and the yard guys showed up but at least they were outside!), and we had the home health providers out. Dad's little dog Winston was glad to be in his crate. Dad wanted to 'supervise' what was going on in his house, so we found a safe place in the corner for him to watch all the commotion.

Today is Thursday. The annoying green blowers are still on. The crew said it takes 3-5 days for the sub-flooring to completely dry out. We are on day 4...


  1. well I hope it is dry by tomorrow. Waht a way to start the new year.

    Happy New Year to you and your family Angie.

  2. Thank you! And Happy New Year to you!!