June 19, 2010


While the trip by car is long, it's so worth the result...being at home. Every trip home I have certain routines and places to visit. For instance, today after unpacking, Danny and I went to Green's Produce. We start off with getting fresh fruits and veggies from this local produce market icon!

I have to stop by Wishes & Dreams to refill my stash of DeeJays Candles. Then, a trip to The Book Rack is a must! Even though I have a Kindle, I still need to trade out my good ol' fashioned paperbacks.

I also have to hit the restaurants: Candlelight Inn, Shipleys Donuts, Catfish Sam's, and more.

I love sleeping in my own room that I had growing up. I love listening to my kids laughing and wrestling around with their cousins. I love the sound the A/C clicking on and off (remember I don't have an air conditioner in my house in CO). I love walking to the Bicentennial Park and getting snow cones with my kids. There are lots more, but for today, these will do.

My home. My roots. My memories.

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