June 6, 2010


The day has arrived. My baby turned 15 years old. He was up at 6:38am, ready to open presents. I guess that part of celebrating a birthday doesn't go away. I still like to open presents, too, but I can wait until later in the morning.

He got one BIG present, an iTouch. Still, we must have other presents to open. What fun is opening just one? Tony gleened the mail this past week to get his collection of 'cards' from out-of-town family. If you sent something via mail...HE DID GET IT.

Then, off to a new sushi resaurant we went. Here is Marisa, better known these days as "Sissy Risa". I am so glad I caught her smiling (a rarity). My mom started a tradition long ago to give the non-birthday kid a small gift, as to not feel left out. Well, yesterday, we took Sissy Risa shopping. We had to remind her that it was Tony's birthday we were celebrating, not hers.

The sibs. Marisa took this picture. All those times snapping away in the bathroom mirror paid off. Great shot! *Notice the iTouch earbud in the Birthday Boy's ear?

And here we are, the Parental Units, aka the Checkbook, aka the Ride...you get the idea. Nonetheless, we had fun. After lunch, the kids decided to hang out with friends, so the cheesecake will be served later. That's right, Tony wanted a cheesecake for his birthday.

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