March 27, 2010

Smoking in the Boys Room

Caught Tony smoking in his room. He tried to cover up by lighting one of Danny's incense sticks. Well, that made the smell more pungent. Then he took the screen off his window (I'm guessing to get the smell out faster?), but his excuse was to 'see' out his window better. I found about half a dozen cigarette butts in the trash can. There were two different kinds! The excuse was that he 'bummed' them off his friends and they had different kinds. Don't think for a second I believe this!

I asked the Tonster what he was using for an ashtray. He said he made an ashtray in art class. Oh, well, there ya' go folks....our tax dollars at work! And where was her room snickering.

The positive spin on this is that Danny and I are 'experienced' parents. No goodie-two-shoes in our home. I'm just sayin'...

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