November 7, 2009

Original Man Candle...Candles With Attitude

Danny and I went to the Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show as we do each year. We love all the holiday ideas, cooking shows, crafts, food, etc. This year there was a new station that had Man Candles.

Ok, this was a blast! Between the scents of Football, Golf Course, Cup o' Joe, Pot Roast, Sawdust, Fishing Dock, Bacon, Garage, and Freedom...we couldn't decide which to get. However, I just couldn't manage to work up the courage to sniff the Fart candle.

We decided on Football (leather), Golf Course (fresh cut grass), and Cup o' Joe (obvious). They had run out of Draft Beer and French Fry candles. I might have liked those as well.

Yep, Danny married the right girl. I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dee Jay's Candles like lavender, cinnamon, english ivy, baked pie, white chocolate, spring rain, and french vanilla. But, I can stand my own ground and hang with the best o' them. Except the farting thing, that's just gross!

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