November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marisa!

Marisa turned 16 years old yesterday. She chose to go to Red Robins for lunch.
She bought this Ghostbusters shirt from money she got from her Uncle Lucas and Aunt Vicky. Instead of a birthday cake, Marisa wanted Scooby Doo cupcakes. (Yea, there's still a kid underneath that tough exterior.)
Every year when the 'fab four' are together, we line them up for a mug shot. Looks like Tony is the tallest this time.
Did you know that the Denver Aquarium has Sumatran Tigers?
See Nemo?
It's Big Boy! We had turtles when I was growing up. When they got too big, we would turn them loose at Lake Jacksonville. Now, when we see turtles, we say "It's Big Boy!" (Similar to the line "punch buggy, not punch backs...")
Orange was the color of the day...
Marisa let me take a picture with her. I think I brushed my hair that morning, maybe not.
Marisa and her Papa...
Dad and Me. I love you!!!

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