October 10, 2011

Hello New Orleans!

Our family's semi-annual traveling summit this year was in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our hotel is an old Conferate Army hospital and supposedly haunted. The ghost stories just add to an awesome ambiance and feel to our stay in the French Quarter.

This is the front of the hotel. The hotel is made up of several different buildings. It's interesting though that most of the Quarter's building are connected and make up little courtyards.

This is the hotel's courtyard.

Now, here is 'Building 5'. This is the most haunted AND the building inwhich we stayed. We occupied rooms on the 2nd and 4th floors as well as the suite in the attic. Yea...awesomeness!

Our room! The windows are huge! There are no screens, so you can (and, boy did we ever!) walk out the life-sized window to the balcony.

To the left of our balcony is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and Coop's.

To the right of our balcony is Jackson Square.

Our first night's dinner to kick off the family summit was at Cafe Amelie. This is where the gumbo tasting marathon began. And, a lot of other fun stuff...

We sat outside the restuarant. This view of the building was from our table.

Street performers are everywhere! Stay tuned...

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