August 20, 2011

Almost Complete!

We first got the permit to finish the basement in 2001, that's right...10 years ago!

Danny and his dad put up all the framework. Danny and I put up 90% of the dry wall. Then things started to slow down. It's time to finish, wouldn't you say? So, in order to have contractors in to finish the drywall, Danny moved everything into the middle of the room.

His gaming console was the LAST to move out!

Under the stairway...this is going to be my new pantry. It also has a hidey-hole to the right. Harry Potter would have felt right at home!

All our stuff had to go into the garage.
Amazing how much is collected over the years.
I am not a hoarder!!

It was too much of a hassle to move this sofa back up the stairs, so the contractors wrapped it up. They also put thick paper on the floor. Not exactly sure what the wet spot is on the floor, but I'm thinking Lucy (our oldest dog) wanted to mark her spot. Ugh...just keepin' it real!

Yea!!! The drywall is finished. Danny and Tony painted the entire basement. Danny gave me an accent wall as well! I can see this turning out to be rather nice. No wonder the Tonster wants this as his room.

Bathroom is finished. It took only 8 trips to the Home Depot.
Danny has sworn off plumbing forever.

Here are the stairs with carpet.

Carpet! Now we have to get the support beam covered.

This will be Danny's new gaming place.

Next up...the baseboards!

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