July 28, 2011

Handy Dandy Garza Fly Swatter

Back story: The dogs have run through our screen door, basically making their own doggy door. Since no one wants to get up from TV or computer to let the dogs out every 5 minutes, we have not fixed the screen. Needless to say, we are having issue with flies coming in the house (and bees, but that's another edition!). The second part to this story is that Danny has been painting the basement, so various pieces of cardboard are laying around not being used. So, instead of picking up a fly swatter when we are out, the Garza ingenuity kicks in!

Be Creative! Danny made a fly swatter from the scraps of cardboard. As you can see, the handle is doubled. This adds strength to the swatter and prevents any vibration or kick back when making contact on a flat, hard surface like a counter or table.

Be thrifty! It comes pre-decorated with semi-gloss Behr paint. Only the finest!

Action! And, most importantly, it works! There...you see...Garza ingenuity saved us $2.99!

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