June 2, 2011

Living with Coyotes

I went on a walk this morning with my dog, KC.
It's warm, breezy, sunny.

We citizens of Broomfield have to be on our guard for coyotes.
I've seen quite a few, but only when they were trying to get to their dens.
Never have been approached by one, hope I never do!

The trail I'm on this morning is by the Tom Frost Reservoir
(stocked with bluegill, bass, catfish...so I'm told).

I was walking along at a good clip when KC spotted these mallards in the weeds. She about yanked my arm off! I was able to get a couple photos before they took flight to the safety of the water.

Part of the path is very low. I'm below the tree here.
Feels like I'm on a prairie in the middle of nowhere.

Awe...there are the mountains!
They seem so far away, but actually they are only a 30 minute drive west.

Almost at the end of the walk and KC spots the prairie dogs. Those little animals yip when they bark. They aren't afraid of a big dog! After all, they live among they coyotes, too.

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