May 22, 2010

Blind Loyalty

Is it a positive trait or can it be destructive? YES! A blindly loyal person will be loyal without regard to outcome, responses, and/or consequences. They will not see their leader’s negative traits and habits either, which could move to another level of blindness altogether.

We advise our teens that while blind loyalty tends to be a negative trait, it can be positive. Common sense and good moral fiber can help distinguish between the positive and the negative (we hope!).

For example, a ‘positive’ blindly loyal person can be a forever friend. No matter what occurs, this person is more likely to have a compassionate and forgiving soul. This forever friend is less likely to be judgmental, arbitrary, and self-righteously pious.

On the other hand, a ‘negative’ blindly loyal person occurs when poor or impulsive, emotionally charged decisions/actions are made. Instead of exercising common sense, the loyal person tends to go along with their leader without regard to the wayward path or hurtful results, thus deepening grudges, conflicts, and miscommunications.

Strive to be a forever friend. Use good judgment, be humble, show your compassion, and draw upon your forgiving nature.

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