January 10, 2010

By The Grace Of God

Marisa is a Team Leader at Luke 18 this year!

Luke 18 is a retreat program that invites middle schoolers into a deeper relationship with the Catholic Church. It is a chance to help them see that they are not just the future of our Church-they are also the Church right now. Luke 18 focuses on inviting young people to open themselves to God by sharing their experiences and learning from each other in an environment of mutual respect. It is about welcoming youth into the Church-a spiritual family where they are needed, trusted, and appreciated as the good and beautiful children of God that they are. Topics such as Catholic Identity, Sacraments (especially Reconciliation), Prayer, and Spiritual Gifts are woven into the retreat process. The Communion of Saints offers a wonderful focal point for each aspect of the weekend as well.

She needs 'Grace Letters' to offer encouragement for her faith journey and leadership. I've already asked for letters from our family. Any other words of encouragement are truly welcomed!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Marisa,

    It is great that you are going on a Luke 18 weekend.

    I hope it is a time that you look back on and see God working in your life, bringing you into a deeper relationship with him.