June 20, 2009


...translation: Danny and I were on our way home from our, sad to say, regular Sonic creamslush and mozzarella sticks run when we drove by one of the newer $500,000 homes around the corner from our house. In the driveway, it there was this sofa (as you can see from the photos) with a sign that read: "FREE".

Off handedly, we giggled that we should call Tony and his friends to check out this treasure. We are Garzas after all, so a good deal is worth a stop-and-look-see and a FREE deal is even better! We get home to find Tony and Marisa playing on the computer and phone with a netflix movie in the DVD player and volume on full blast. Danny mentions to Tony the FREE sofa. With a mouth full of microwaved chicken nuggets, Tony bolts for the door.

"Wait a minute!", we holler after him. Danny gets in the car and they drive half a block to the home that is offering such a sweet deal. Within 2 minutes, I hear the garage door open. Tony bursts through the door asking where he can find the armor all.

As you can see, the sofa cleans up pretty well for a FREE sofa. Now...next question: how in tarnation is Tony going to get this oversized, shiny, slick, kicked to the curb, FREE, black, fake leather sofa out of the garage and into his room? Remember the hammack stand...

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  1. Well....did he get it up there?